Fried Bananas

Fried Bananas
in full sun with purple petunias

Friday, October 21, 2011

More mulch

Well I'm exactly half way through the 6 yards of mulch.  I finished the SE Shirishiwanum bed and then re-did the Crabapple bed.  I then started and got about a third of the way through the White Garden bed.  That finished the first pile of three yards and now I'll use the rest to finish the White Garden,  mulch the expanded front beds and then start of the center back bed.  The left back bed will receive a shredded leaf layer of mulch.  I want to see if it's possible to use that organic mulch on a regular basis.

I planted Lilium 'Siberia' today.  Five bulbs directly behind Peony Krinkled White in the White Garden.  Before planting I sprayed them with Bobex.  Bobex is an animal repellant that includes castor oil.  I'm hoping it will prevent voles from eating the bulbs.  I also plan to spray the entire bed with castor oil after frost.  Hopefully, this will keep critters from eating the bulbs.  Of all the bulbs I've planted, none seem to have been eaten thus far.  I noticed a daffodil bulb in the back bed that had been dug up, probably by squirrels.  But I'm not worried about daffodils they're poisonous.  The Crocus, Lilies and Tulips are the bulbs in jeopardy.  So far so good.

Here's a pic of Lily Siberia.

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