Fried Bananas

Fried Bananas
in full sun with purple petunias

Monday, October 31, 2011

Anniversary Storm

October 30th is my anniversary.  35 years.   Unfortunately dinner and movie plans were cancelled, since we were in the middle of a nasty Nor'easter.  We ended up with a foot of heavy wet  snow.  It fell on the trees and shrubs that were full of leaves.  The result was that many trees suffered broken branches.  Most of the Oaks dropped large branches on the Hosta gardens.  The Hostas won't be affected.  They were pretty much done for the season.  But there's a lot of cleanup to do.  The large JM in the front lost several large branches, but it still looks OK.  Many of the lilacs were bent over to the ground but they responded when I cleaned off the snow.  The large Rose of Sharon in the White Garden was flattened to the ground.  I'm hoping it will bounce back, but it may need significant pruning to restore it.  Other trees and shrubs have responded well to being cleaned up.  We will have a lot of branches to chip later in November and a lot of chainsaw work to do.

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